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What do you know? Another Republican lawmaker, with a history of anti-gay voting and appearances, has been caught in a gay sex scandal.

two face piece

Really? How many of these scum balls have to get caught before conservative hypocrites, who are legislating against honest homosexuals while getting some on the side, learn their lesson?

As it's turned out in the past, it's almost better that they are hypocritical scum balls and get caught because they tend to turn to our side once their head clears.

The Indianapolis Star reported that emails suggest Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle arranged to pay Kameryn Gibson up to $140 for “for a really good time.” The paper published emails between Hinkle and Gibson detailing a plan for them to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

Hinkle, who is 64 and was first elected in 2000, voted this spring for a constitutional gay marriage ban. Several years ago he also was the House sponsor of the measure that created Indiana’s “In God We Trust” license plates.


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