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We're officially less than a month away from the California Supreme Court hearing arguments as to whether Prop 8 sponsors have the authority to stand up in court to appeal Judge Walker's historic ruling overturning the measure.

The question is pivotal to the future of the 2008 ban, known as Proposition 8, because former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. Jerry Brown, in his previous role as attorney general, refused last year to challenge a federal court ruling that struck down the law as a violation of gay Californians' civil rights.

Should the court decide that the sponsors have standing, the case will continue to appeal. If they do not have standing the issue will end there, and same sex marriage will become legal in the state of California once and for all. There are pros and cons to both outcomes, as a decision stating the sponsors have standing could lead to a successful appeal, resulting in the case being taken to the Federal Supreme Court.